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About Our Cotton Export Company

Fiber Brite is a limited liability company which is owned by family and friends. Although Fiber Brite only came into existence in 2005 as a cotton supplier, the “Thompson Boys�? have been buying motes in Texas since 1979. During that time they have made long lasting friendships with the gins including producers, ginners, owners, board members, office staff, and everyone in between.
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Frank Thompson

Frank is the fearless leader of this cotton export company. He has been calling on gins in Texas for over 60 years, and he has loved every moment of it. Frank has said several times that he doesn’t have any hobbies other than work, so why would he retire. At 82 he still buys nearly all the motes for the company, and is an integral part of the day to day operations of the company. He is a Life Member of Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association, and is well respected in the cotton industry. Frank comes from a ginning background; his grandfather was the owner of several gins in central Texas. For over 40 years he was a staple in the cotton seed oil mill business; he was an employee at Brazos Valley Cotton Oil and then later he was an owner of Levelland Vegetable Oil, Inc.

Rick Thompson - CEO -

Rick left his career as a boy's high school basketball coach to come back to West Texas and help his father. It doesn’t seem like it, but he has been in the cotton industry for 24 years now. Rick calls on gins with Frank, but he is responsible for the selling and marketing of the finished products. He has a deep love for sports and uses his background in coaching to help lead the company. Rick is involved in the buying, selling, and day to day operations of the cotton supply company other than that he doesn’t do anything.

Kerry Thompson - CFO -

Kerry is the newest Thompson to join the cotton industry. Kerry comes to Fiber Brite from a background in banking and management. Kerry is responsible for the finances of the company as well as the logistics of the shipping and inventory tracking.  Kerry is involved in most day to day decisions of the company.  He has a beautiful wife Bonnie, and two sons, Ryder and Davis.
Mike Tomlinson - Plant Manager -

Mike runs the actual mote plant. Due to his background as the manager of Southern Cotton Oil in Levelland, he keeps the plant running on a daily basis. He has an extraordinary mechanical mind, as he should, since he is an engineer. Mike has the ability to coordinate multiple projects and still keep everything running smoothly. He has been a great addition to the Fiber Brite family.

Salvador Linares - Special Projects -
Salvador has worked in every aspect of the mote industry.  He can do ANYTHING.  He is the guy you go to when you need to get something done quickly.  His abilities as an electrician have become vital for the day to day running of the plant.  His wife Patty also works with the company as the person that does what needs to be done.  That sometimes means she goes and gets parts and sometimes she cooks.  

Shanda Jordan (office manager) - and 
Kenzie Brown (Inventory Control) -
Shanda started with the company in 2014.  Shanda moved to Lubbock from Monroe, LA specifically for this job.  During her short time here she has held both positions in the office, so she is able to do whatever needs to be done in the office.  She is aware of what is going on in all aspects of the company.  On top of all her other duties she is responsible for taking care of Kerry and Rick, so she is a saint for that.

Kenzie joined the company in 2015 and learned her job very quickly.  Her personality is by far her biggest attribute.  She is a very caring and sweet person that makes everyone smile.  She has aspirations to become a chef someday and we hope that she does and comes back and cooks us a lot of great food.  

​Beto Castanon - Super-IntendentBeto runs the plant shifts and makes sure that the plant operates smoothly
Angela Martinez- Quality Control- Angela  makes sure that we produce a quality product by grading all the bales produced
Micahel Keen- Yard Supervisor- Michael is in charge of unloading and loading all of bales that Fiber Brite handles throughout the year